Pregnancy is one of the best experiences a woman could have, but with that, it could cause pain due to changes in one’s body. With this, one must put time and effort to make one’s pregnancy a breeze, so you might buy pre-natal accessories such as pregnancy pillows. With pregnancy pillows, your health is prioritized while giving you proper rest and comfort.

In finding the best body pillows for pregnancy, you must always remember that not all are the same. You must find one that is fitted for you. Some criteria that you might want to look at is the excellent support it will give to your body (to your hip, stomach, back, and other parts). Also, do not hesitate to find high-quality body pillows- because it is ideal for you to find something that will fit your body type and sleeping position.

At The Sleep Haven, we aim to provide you with the best body pillow for pregnancy review you will find. We will give you our opinions on the best body pillows in the market. We will be giving an in-depth review of the type of body pillow. Making your choice the best one possible!



That is the question that might be popping on your mind right now. You might say that an ordinary body pillow is the same as your bedroom pillow, but it is no. Body pillows for pregnancy are a luxury for many, but you need one.

There are some reasons for you to buy a body pillow for your pregnancy. One, it will provide you with the highest level of comfort. With the baby growing inside of you, it might cause you a lot of discomforts, especially in sleeping – but it should stop you from getting a good night’s rest.

Also, the stress on your body will be lessened; it will be beneficial for you and your baby. Your mornings filled with joy and back pains will only be a memory of the past because we will provide you with the right sleeping position, a body pillow for pregnancy will make you sleep more revitalizing.

Your desired body pillow for pregnancy shouldn’t exceed your budget; there are a few that would not break the bank.



There are things that you should keep in mind when choosing your first body pillow. Take these into consideration before buying one. Investing in body pillow for pregnancy is a luxury, so we must spend wisely!



It is essential that you find a pillow that will make your sleep a breeze. Your baby bump will start to show, and your whole body will ache. It is important for you to find a body pillow that would support your belly and back to make your pregnancy comfortable.



There are a variety of shapes and sizes available in the market. Each pillow has its pros and cons; you need to make sure that the pad you are going to choose is fit for you.



You might be pregnant, but your sleeping habits remain the same. You must choose your body pillow that will be flexible enough for your tossing and turning. You should not be a constraint for sleeping only in one position. You should not be adjusting in your sleep; your pillows must.



You might get sensitive when you are pregnant; this could be a big issue throughout the nine months. You should be careful in choosing your pillows because it might cause allergic reactions that could cause your baby to have some problems. Find materials that will give you 100% comfort, and won’t get you in any trouble.



Pregnant women plan a lot of things before the big day. It is important that you still remember to stick within your budget when buying this body pillow for pregnancy. It should not break your bank to be comfortable. Find the body pillow that is suited not only for your budget but also for your growing belly.


The 5 Best Body Pillows For Pregnancy

We would be giving you choices to find your best body pillow for pregnancy, make sure you consider the factors we have given before you decide.

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This pillow sets one thing straight, and that is your body position. With its U-shape, it helps your body to align your neck, shoulder, and back to give you a deep and relaxing sleep while helping your body circulation.

It is made of premium synthetic down with 100% organic pillowcase, which is hypoallergenic. It is a sure plus that it will not give you allergic reactions while using it. Its stuffing is made of “extended polymer,” which allows air to flow through the material freely.

Another plus factor is that can be cleaned easily! No more hassle in handwashing this one. You could just simply put it in a standard washing machine and dryer. Further, it will never clump, so it ensures you that the pillow will remain the same even after several items of laundry.

This product is made in the USA so you can be assured that it is high and safe in quality. It will surely provide the support that you would need.

Mothers who have used this one shared that this pillow has helped them sleeping in any position. It provided them with all around support whenever they are sleeping, or only sitting on the couch.





This body pillow for pregnancy is available in two colors: white and tea, this is good if you are still doing color combinations in your room.

This contoured pillow offers you with equal support for your back and tummy. It promises that you should not reposition from time to time, just only side to side! It will quickly adapt to your shape.

The curves will comfort your body while supporting your back and belly. Also, it helps your hips for neutral joint positioning supporting your body while maintaining comfort.  The U-Shape pillow will allow you to elevate your head to ease heartburn, this is made from warm polyester and comes with a custom cover case which you can easily remove for washing. Any mother-to-be can surely use this product. Whether you are tall or short, eight months pregnant or eight weeks pregnant, this pillow is for you!






This C-Shaped body pillow for pregnancy is perfect for any sleeping position you might have in mind.

The contour shape will naturally follow the shape of your body to help align your spine, hips, and neck. It also gives you full body support using its curved shape. It also provides you with the neck support that you would be needing. No need for three separate pillows, use this one, and you have all the comfort and support that you would need.

This body pillow for pregnancy is made from a smooth cotton-poly blend with anti-microbial properties, which fights off allergens and ensures that you will get that much-deserved night’s rest.

This body pillow for pregnancy is also suitable for people who do not want to have multiple pillows in one’s bed; this ensures the user that they will be comfortable and relaxed.






This one is above the rest due to its money back guaranteed. If you are not satisfied with this people, the manufacturers will surely return your payment – but you don’t need to do that!

This unique U-shaped body pillow for pregnancy has a full body support that helps prevent sciatica, heartburn, carpal tunnel, and nasal congestion. This body pillow for pregnancy allows the user to sleep on one’s back or either side due to its two contoured “legs”! Imagine the comfort of sleeping in any sleeping position; this can also be tucked between your knees and hips to help relieve strain on your joints.






This body pillow for pregnancy has four available colors: white, ivory, burgundy, and grey.

Just like U-shaped body pillow for pregnancy, this pillow has a money back guarantee. This J-shaped pillow can help solve your back pain and temperature control, just tuck it in between your knees. This body pillow is aimed to follow your natural contour, no need to reposition anytime!

This pillow is not only fitted to pregnant women. People with the back problems also bought this product and helped solved their issue. This pillow helps with the alignment of the hips with the spine.

The J-part can be used to rest your neck and solve heartburn.

These five body pillows for pregnancy have been the best-voted pillows by pregnant women. It is up to you, mother-to-be, to pick whatever will suit you.

Remember that this thing will help you in the long run. It might be a luxury, but imagine the comfort it will give you once you use it when you sleep.