You can get the greatest bed money can buy, have your house at the perfect room temperature and create the best sleeping environment you can… but if you don’t have good bed sheets then you might as well be sleeping on hay! Ok, that may be a little much but I think you will agree that bedsheets make a big difference. That is why we are doing this bamboo sheets review, to find out once and for all what are the best bamboo sheets.

We set out on this mission and tested just about every bamboo sheet that is in production today and after testing them all out we came away with the top 5 bamboo sheets out on the market today. Below you can see our findings and we will talk about how they perform, their durability and overall rating.


Your Guide To The Best Bamboo Sheets of 2017

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Our Bamboo Sheets Review of 2017

Below you will find our rankings for the top bamboo sheets out on the market today, we have ranked them from #5 all the way to #1.


5) Linenspa Ultra Soft Luxury Sheets



Our company decided to use bamboo in making a bed sheet because it is one of the best plant – based material out there.

With the rayon fiber extracted from bamboo, we have come up with a soft, luxurious, comfortable and temperature regulating sheet called the Linenspa Ultra Soft Bamboo Bed Sheet. Out of all the bamboo sheets review available online, most of them come to the conclusion that Linenspa Ultra Soft Luxury sheet is one of the best in the market today.

We have made Linenspa ultra soft sheets available in different sizes. You can choose from a Twin, Full, Queen, King, California King and Twin XL sizes package with pillowcase sets that also come in various colors such as White, Ivory, Sand and Stone color, making the Linenspa Ultra Soft sheet one of the top bamboo sheets online.

Our Linenspa bamboo bed sheet is made in a way that is perfectly aligned with the mattress, giving your bed a neat and a fashionable look during the day and even during the night while you are sleeping on it.

Based on the absorbent nature of the rayon fabric, the Linenspa bamboo bed sheet has an excellent wicking and absorbing property making it the best bamboo sheet for body and room temperature adjustment thus leaving you fresh and comfortable in any season.

With our Linenspa Ultra Soft Sheet, it gets even softer with washing making you love your purchase each and every time. Moreover, the gentle and silky feel is good for those with sensitive skin or eczema, and it is also hypoallergenic.

Our sheet fits mattresses with up to 14 inches depth. Thick elastic spans across the entire perimeter of the sheet to ensure a secure fit that doesn’t slip easily.

Bamboo is sustainable, antimicrobial, and requires fewer pesticides, making it the most eco – friendly sheet you can purchase. Enjoy a five-star treat at your home with the Linenspa Ultra Soft bamboo bed sheet.



4) Egyptian Bedding Rayon from BAMBOO Sheet Set – 1,200 Thread Count


When we think about the manufacturing of sheets, researchers have identified unique and essential properties than bamboo fibers have.

We have manipulated the features to manufacture the top bamboo sheets in the world by creating a hybrid made of 60% Bamboo derived Rayon and 40% Egyptian cotton to produce the extraordinary new quality of the sheets.

Our brand, Egyptian bedding rayon is thinner than cotton sheets, but despite being thinner, the quality of our sheet has not diminished. The Egyptian bedding rayon is 100% luxurious and silky.

We have fitted its set with two pillowcases, one fitted sheet, and one flat sheet. Moreover, we have considered various choices of colors and it is available in white, ivory, sage, blue, navy, red, gold, taupe, beige and gray colors.

We have made the Egyptian bedding sheets soft and luxurious, and we have done the fusion of 60% Bamboo derived Rayon and 40% Egyptian cotton to produce the extraordinary new quality of the sheets, assuring that that bamboo sheet lives to its reputation. The rayon fabric makes our sheet naturally breathable, and it also has a temperature regulator making you feel cold in the summer and warm in winter.

Egyptian Bedding Sheet is amongst the top bamboo sheets in various bamboo sheet reviews, Egyptian sheets are capable of fitting in 14 inches to 20 inches thick mattresses without slipping hence ensuring a comfortable and luxurious sleep you deserve. Moreover, our sheets do not wear off in washing but instead maintains its softness over time.

We have outlined washing instructions for our high quality, sheets. If you want to have a sustainable and durable bedding, just follow the washing instructions found in it.



3) Classic Bamboo Sheets by Cariloha


After accomplishing our desire to bring the summer feeling right at your doorstep, our Cariloha team has decided to bring a new product of soft sheets that will make you forget all your scratchy and uncomfortable nights.

Our standard bamboo sheet by Cariloha features an amazing twill weave finish and is twice as soft as cotton. The sheets are in various sets of sizes including King, Twin, Full, Queen, Cal-King, and Split-King that includes 1 flat sheet, one fitted sheet, and two pillowcases.

Our Classic Bamboo Bed Sheets are made with a comfortable twill weave, making them one of the softest sheets on the planet with a perfect finishing. Moreover, our sheets are threaded so as to maximize softness while keeping the sheets lightweight, breathable and vigorous. We have made the standard bamboo bed sheet able to fit a mattress to a depth of up to 18 inches.

The sheet is made from bamboo viscose fabric, and it also features a temperature regulator. It is also odor-resistant and hypo-allergenic; it can preserve that fresh smell for a long time and very helpful for people with skin issues.

Our Classic bamboo bed sheet does not have strict washing regulations which make it easy to maintain.

Our Cariloha Classic bamboo sheets are three degrees cooler than the cotton sheet and also carry special thermal regulating properties.

Cariloha is one of the top bamboo sheets out there, and it is also eco – friendly, and because of that, we offer a lifetime guarantee to our customers.

If you experience a quality issue, we’ll be happy to exchange a brand new bed sheet for you. Within 90 days of purchase, a satisfaction warranty will be offered to our customers. What are you waiting for? Call us now!



2) Resort Bamboo Sheets by Cariloha



Because of the steady demand and preference of everyone to sleep on a soft, high-quality sheet, we have come up with a stress-free blissful beach feeling through the Cariloha bamboo sheet.

Our Cariloha sheet is incredibly soft with each set containing a flat sheet, a fitted sheet and two pillow cases in a color of your choice that will make sleeping feel great and oh – so comfortable.

We have designed the Cariloha sheet from the viscose fabric that originates from the plant cellulose with a sateen finish that provides its soft and smooth feel. Our sheets are three degrees cooler than the cotton sheets due to the breathable nature of the fabric that gives you a fresh feeling all the time.

Moreover, our sheet is a natural repellant to allergens and odor; making it clean and resistant to skin irritations. The feature that makes our Cariloha the best bamboo sheet is the wicking property. During the hot night, the fabric will wick moisture from your body making you feel comfortable and cool.

We have designed the sheet with deep pockets that can fit a mattress to a depth of up to 18 inches. As per the bamboo sheets review the case of durability in washing has been well covered proving that our Cariloha brand is easily washable.

The viscose fabric makes our Cariloha sheet 100% eco-friendly since it naturally regenerates without pesticides or chemicals.

The price for our Cariloha sheet is slightly higher than other bamboo bed sheets out there, but with its quality, the price is worth it.

To offer you a guaranteed satisfaction, we will gladly exchange a brand new bed sheet for you if there will be any issues – no questions asked. Enjoy the crazy soft feel from the Cariloha top bamboo sheets today!



1) MALOUF Bamboo Sheets



Malouf Bamboo Sheets are made from high-quality, natural bamboo fabric rayon that gives it a unique feature compared to other sheets out there.

Our Malouf bamboo bed sheet is luxuriously comfortable and has 100% rayon from bamboo fibers. The rayon gives the breathable property of the fabric that will make you wake up the next morning fresh and dry instead of being all sweaty and hot. What makes Malouf sheet special is because it is designed with a soft silky feel that is best for those with sensitive skin and babies. Moreover, it is also an allergen and odor resistant sheet.

To guarantee a secure fit on the mattress, we have fully equipped the sheet with elasticized deep pockets of about 6 to 22 inches. The fitting has additionally made the sheet easy to put on giving you a clean feel that can only be found from Malouf bamboo sheets.

The underlying worry with any sheet is durability and the tendency to age when it’s always being washed, with our Malouf bamboo bed sheet, durability is not something to worry about! In fact, the exact opposite happen because Malouf bamboo bed sheet improves over time, and gets even better when washed! We proudly offer five years of warranty for our customer; it doesn’t get better than that!

Our Malouf Bamboo Sheet is one of the best bamboo sheets out there. The sheet is available in Cal King size, King size, Full size, Queen Size and Split King Size that comes in white, ash, driftwood and ivory colors.

What are you waiting for? Pick your favorite color and choose your bed size now! We would love to see you join our best bamboo sheets family with your Malouf sheet on your bed.